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Fish Hoek is a coastal town at the eastern end of the Fish Hoek Valley on the False Bay side of the Cape Peninsula in the Western Cape, South Africa. Previously a separate municipality, Fish Hoek is now part of the City of Cape Town. As a coastal suburb of Cape Town, Fish Hoek is popular as a residence for commuters, retired people and holidaymakers alike. The traditional industries of ‘trek’ fishing and angling coexist with the leisure pursuits of surfing, although nearby Kommetjie is usually favoured, sailing and sunbathing. There is an active lifeguard community who utilise the beach and bay for training.


Noordhoek is a laid-back coastal suburb overlooking long, sandy Noordhoek Beach, popular with walkers and horseback riders. Tours, tastings and rustic-chic dining are the draw at Cape Point Vineyards, while Noordhoek Farm Village has artisan bakeries, coffee roasters and juice bars. Chapman’s Peak Drive, which snakes northward along the rugged coastline to Hout Bay, offers striking mountain and ocean views.

Masiphumelele is a township on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa, situated between Kommetjie, Capri Village and Noordhoek. Initially known as Site 5, the township was renamed Masiphumelele by its residents, which is a Xhosa word meaning “let us succeed”. About 400-500 people first settled in the area in the 1980s. Wikipedia

Ocean View, Cape Town, was established in 1968 as a township for coloured people who had been forcibly removed from so called “white areas” such as Simon’s Town, Noordhoek, Red Hill, Glencairn by the apartheid government under the Group Areas Act.Wikipedia

Kommetjie (Afrikaans for “small basin,” approximately pronounced cawma-key) is a small town near Cape Town, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It lies about halfway down the west coast of the Cape Peninsula, at the southern end of the long wide beach that runs northwards towards Chapman’s Peak and Noordhoek. The community of Ocean View is located to its immediate south east.

Fish Hoek

Sunrise Swimmers

The MardiGras was a special event in Fish Hoek each year. Here is a remake from Fish Hoek Beach

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Noordhoek Tourism

The Noordhoek valley remains one of the Cape Town’s treasured destinations. Situated at the foot of Chapman’s Peak and surrounded by Table Mountain National Park, it has a delightful village atmosphere with awesome mountain and sea views. Here you will find horses, pigs, cows, hens, ducks, geese and rabbits roaming around in gardens and open public spaces. You will often catch sight of wild peacocks, guinea fowl, Egyptian Geese and suricats.


The Southern Cape Peninsula, about 20km from Cape Town’s city center, is comprised of several idyllic, picturesque suburbs such as Noordhoek, Kommetjie, and Fish Hoek. Horse riding tours are common on nearby Long Beach. Surfing is a popular pastime. 
 Sandwiched within the “Sun Valley” communities is Masiphumelele. There are approximately 38000 people living there, many in small tin shacks. There is no police station, only one small day clinic, and it’s estimated that up to 35% of the population is infected with HIV or TB (Wikipedia + Masicorp). Fires are common in winter, which sweep through the shacks, sometimes displacing residents by the hundreds. Moreover, the entire community of 38000 is accessed by only one single exit/entrance.
 Across a narrow wetlands, the community of Lake Michelle is surrounded by an electrified fence and accessed through a guardhouse. Current prices on real estate sites put their value at several million rands. On the day I flew overhead, several people paddleboarded in the choppy lake waters. I see the wetlands between them as a sort of no-man’s land; an area too scary to venture into from either side. I imagine both sides peer across at their neighbors with distrust and suspicion.

Local Photographers

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Ocean View

Heritage Report

The Praise Café is an out-of-place coffee shop in Ocean View. It was founded with an idea to reform its surrounding community and encourage neighbourly support. It’s a business like any other and needs to make money, but that’s not why it’s there. Its ambition is in its want to serve people. A simple notion, maybe, but not one easily recognised. By BRAD HARRIS.

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Kommetjie is a village with a unique and special blend of beach, mountains, sea, nature and surf. Beautiful to live in, remarkable for a day trip, and amazing for a holiday!

A Century at Kommetjie



Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa